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Composite material fillings

Composite light-cured filling is very esthetic complement the defect of your teeth. In our clinic we have the best materials of the leading companies, available in a full range of shades. In the front teeth we use composites perfectly matching to the structure of enamel. The big advantage of this composite fillings is the fact that they doesn’t change colour and you don’t have to change it for a few years.

Fillings in milk-teeth (children)

In our clinic for children we use two kinds of filling materials. First is standard white composite material, the second one is multi-coloured composite material called TWINKY STAR. Your child can choose which colour would like. For children this is a big attraction that they have every tooth in different colour.

Tooth reconstruction with the standard post inside the root canal and the light-cured composite This type of reconstruction is the best when you have a week, death tooth. We screw the post into the root canal, fix it inside and rebuild your teeth with several layers of high quality composite. Tooth reconstruction with the fibreglass post inside the root canal and the light-cured composite. With the fibreglass post we can rebuild a week, death tooth, strength his crown and root with aesthetic finish with the best composite material. (fibreglass is transparent). First the dentist have to perfectly fit the fibreglass post into root canal, then fix it and rebuild the tooth by composite material.


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