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Tel.: 12 427 04 07

dental tourism

Take care of your teeth and see one of the most beautiful city in the world!

We invite you to take a look on our special program “Dental-Tourist” – addressed to people who lives abroad. If you are interested in dental treatment in Cracow please take a look on our suggestion “Step by Step”.

  1. Contact us to arrange visit by e-mail: or by phone: 0048 12 427 04 07
  2. If you want to have a treatment plan and you want to know preliminary cost before you come to us, you have to send on our e-mail: your panoramic x-ray and then we can see what you need to do. (If you don’t want plan and costs you can only write an e-mail or phone us to make an appointment).
    We will send everything by e-mail to you.
  3. After reading your treatment plan with the cost , please send us an e-mail with date and hour which you choose.
  4. If you would like to reserve hotel near our Dental Clinic, please write it also an e-mail. We will need all your personal data and scan of the plane ticket (date when you come to Cracow, and when you leave). Prices we will give you after we’ll know the date of your arrival and departure.


Dental Clinic: Tatarska 5 (Cracow center, 500 m from Wawel, parking)
30-103 Kraków

tel. 012 427 04 07
mobile. 782 270 407

Dental Clinic: Tuchowska 6B/3
30-618 Kraków

tel. 012 659 45 00
mobile. 603 179 471

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